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Corporate Information


Established June 1, 2007
Main office 3-2-7 Korai-bashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 541-0043
Description of business Research, development, manufacturing, and sales of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
Capital 1.9 billion yen
Shareholders Stella Chemifa, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.
President Tomoyuki Asano
Number of employees 40 (as of March 2019)
Laboratory Sakai R&D Center, Tokyo Office


June 2007 Stella Pharma founded
July 2008 First-class marketing license for pharmaceuticals obtained (Osaka Prefecture)
December 2013 First-class marketing license for medical devices obtained (Osaka Prefecture)
January 2014 The Sanpo and Nakamozu laboratories merged with the Sakai R&D Center

Corporate strategy

  • To faithfully uphold the Act on Pharmaceuticals and Medical and Devices and related laws and regulations including GMP, GCP and GQP while developing new products.
  • To establish an organization that is suited for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry and strives for continuous improvement.
  • To enhance our mission and moral values as a provider of pharmaceutical products and medical devices through education and practice.